The Internship Program of the Department is designed to help students acquire work experience in Greece. The interns combine theoretical knowledge from their studies with their practical application in related working environments. The students have the opportunity to become familiar with work environments including: Greek enterprises; financial institutions; accounting offices; research centers; local government; Regional Planning agencies; and so on. In this way, closer and more permanent ties are created between the Department and the potential work places of our graduates.



Internships last for three months. In the course of each academic year, two internship periods are available, one during the winter term and one during the spring term.

Any student who has completed his/her second year of studies is eligible to take part in the Internship Program. However, students may participate only once during the course of their undergraduate studies.

Participation is not compulsory.  It is recognized as work experience and appears on the student’s transcript but is not calculated as part of the final average mark.


Participation Process

Before each Internship period begins, an invitation to participate in the program is posted on the website of the Department, as well as on the website of the Internship Program of Panteion University.

Within a specific time period, those interested must complete the Program’s application form and Curriculum Vitae form.  These must be submitted electronically to the Secretariat of the Program at praktiki.topa[at]

All of the internships available can be found within the Panhellenic Internet Portal Atlas (  Students are chosen for participation in the program by the professor who is responsible for the program. The choice is made on the basis of criteria which include: year of study (priority is given to more advanced students); the academic performance of the student (with priority given to students who have passed most of their compulsory courses); overall marks; knowledge of foreign languages; and the ability to use a computer.

Internships are completed only within the framework of the Internship Program of the Department which is funded by the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF). Students cannot do internships which are not part of the Program.



The Internship Program for Post Secondary Education is part of the Priority Axes 7 and 8 of the Operational Program “Development of Human Resources, Education and Lifelong Learning” and it is funded by the European Social Fund of the European Union as well as from National Sources.

Health and accident insurance, as well as the monthly stipend of the students participating in the program, are covered by the funds of the Program and are paid out by Panteion University. The monthly stipends for each series of internships depend upon the funds available.


Program Evaluation

When the internship period comes to an end, those responsible in the specific work place must submit to the Department and to Panteion University: a) a report on the performance of the intern with a description of the work done by the intern; b) a form which evaluates the intern; c) certification of the implementation of the internship with the specific dates when the internship was completed.

In addition, the interns must submit: a) a report detailing duties carried out; b) an evaluation form which details their impressions from the internship experience.

Finally, the academic responsible for the Program puts together an evaluation report for each internship period.

It should be noted that the Program has been particularly successful. Both the interns and the work places report high levels of satisfaction. The Internship Program of the Department of Economic and Regional Development has also been very positively evaluated by the Ministry of Education (which ranked it among the top 15% University Departments).  In addition, some work places which cooperate within the Program have offered ongoing work opportunities to as many as 20% of the student interns.



In addition to the Internship Office of the Department of Economic and Regional Development, there is also is a central office for the Internship Program at Panteion University. These offices coordinate the Programs, as well as providing information to the students about the Internship Programs at Panteion University. They also organize meetings before as well as during each internship period.


Internship Office of the Department of Economic and Regional Development

e-mail:  praktiki.topa[at]

Academic Responsible: Professor Sarantis-Evaggelos Lolos

Supervisor: Assistant Professor Stavros Degiannakis

SupervisorLecturer Vassilis Avdikos