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The Department of Economic and Regional Development has a long history in the teaching and the development of scientific research in Applied Economic Analysis, in Administration and Management, on issues of urban and regional development, and in real estate. It is the first economics department in Greece which adopted the combination of Economic Theory with Applied Economics and Administration, and Regional Development.
This innovative graduate program has attracted a group of scientists with abilities, skills and a subject area who produce a synthesis of theory and practice that is rare both in Greece and abroad. They have experience in the market and have developed a broad international network of collaboration. They produce valuable applied research, make publications, and they contribute to planning and decision making at both national and regional levels.
The ultimate goal of the program is for the students who graduate from this program to broaden their theoretical background and to acquire applied methods and skills of analysis and management. Thus they will be able to: understand the complex, multi-dimensional and constantly changing reality at a micro, macro and regional level; and to respond effectively to the contemporary demands of the private, social and public sectors, in Greece and internationally.

The purpose of the program is to provide scientific, theoretical and applied education, as well as the specialized professional training of Economists, Regionalists, and personnel of companies and organizations on issues of applied economic analysis, economic policy, the administration of companies and organizations, as well as on issues of urban and regional development and real estate.

The Program includes a combination of selected theoretical and applied subject areas which
• support the research and academic interests of the candidates who wish to go on to doctoral studies,
• supplies the graduates with knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to go on to work in the private, public and social sectors,

Taking the Masters Program, students will acquire specialized knowledge and skills in applied Economics, the Administration of Businesses and Organizations, Regional Development and the formation and application of Economic and Regional Policy.

The knowledge and the skills acquired in the Masters Program will allow you to become professionally active in organizations and businesses in the public and private spheres, in central, regional and local administration, as well as in Universities, Research Institutes, NGOs and International Organizations.

Courses Offered

Ninety (90) European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) credits required to acquire a Graduate Degree. The Graduate Program has two fields: Applied Economics and Management; and Urban and Regional Development. The second field has two areas of specialization: Regional and Local Development Planning; and Real Estate Economics. The courses offered are as follows:

Direction of Applied Economics and Management

8060 - Quantitative Methods in Applied Economics

Stavros Degiannakis

8061 - Microeconomics for the Manager

Chrisostomos Stoforos

8062 - The Macroeconomic Environment and Decision

Grigorios Siourounis

8063 - Administration and Management of Enterprises and Organizations

Theodosios Palaskas

ELECTIVES (4 must be chosen)

8064 - Fiscal Interventionism and Economic Activity

Will not be taught in the 2020-21 academic year

8065 - Applied Econometrics for Economics, Finance, and Management

Stavros Degiannakis

8066 - Financial Governance

Will not be taught in the 2020-21 academic year

8067 - Methods of Applied Research for Executives

Stavros Degiannakis

8068 - Methods of Quality Control

Will not be taught in the 2020-21 academic year

8069 - Corporate and Social Responsibility of Enterprises

Anastasia Pseiridis

8070 - Management Accounting

Will not be taught in the 2020-21 academic year

8071 - Labour Economics

Teaching Assignment from the NSRF (National Stategic Reference Framework)

8072 - Issues in Development

Ioanna Keramidou, Ekaterini Foteinopoulou

8073 - Governance of Public and Private Organizations

Will not be taught in the 2020-21 academic year

8074 - Environmental Economics

Will not be taught in the 2020-21 academic year

8075 - International Economic Governance

Will not be taught in the 2020-21 academic year

8090 - Issues in the Applied Administration and Management of Enterprises and Organizations

Theodosios Palaskas


Direction of: Urban and Regional Developmen

Ι. Area of Specialization: "Regional and Local Development Planning"

8076 - Quantitative Regional Analysis

Anastasios Karaganis (coordinator), Aggelos Mimis

8077 - Regional and Urban Economics

Ioannis Psycharis, Antonios Rovolis (coordinators), Vassilios Tselios

8078 - Regional Planning: European, National, Regional and Local Dimensions

Vassilios Avdikos (coordinator), Dimitrios Ierapetritis

8079 - Environmental Economics

Konstantinos Bithas (coordinator)

8082 - Management and Evaluation of Regional Programs and Works

Ilias Plaskovitis (coordinator), With the Participation of: Vassilios Avdikos, Dimitrios Kantianis

8083 - Geographical Information Systems

Aggelos Mimis

8084 - The Organization and Economics of Local Administration

Ioannis Pyscharis With the participation of: Vassiliki Delitheou

8085 - Special Issues in Regional Policy (Laboratory)

Vassilios Tselios


ΙΙ. Area of Specialization: “Real Estate Economics”

8076 - Quantitative Regional Analysis

Aggelos Mimis (coordinator), Anastasios Karaganis

8077 - Regional and Urban Economics

Ioannis Psycharis, Antonios Rovolis (coordinators), With the Participation of: Vassilios Tselios

8080 - Land and Space Planning – Project Finance

Stella Sofia Kyvelou (coordinator), Dimitrios Kantianis

8081 - Principles of Construction and Technical Issues in the Construction Sector – Project Management

Anastasios Karaganis, With the Participation of: Anastasios Tasopoulos, Dimitrios Kantianis

8086 - Principles of Appraisal

Anastasios Karganis

8087 - Real Estate Management

Antonios Rovolis

8088 - Financial Analysis and Taxation

Konstantinos Liapis (coordinator)

8089 - Capital and Real Estate Markets

Vassilios Douvlis (coordinator), Konstantinos Liapis, Dimitrios Kantianis


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