1. Once an individual registers in a Greek university, he/she acquires official student status which ends when he/she receives his/her degree.

2. A student can defer his/her studies by making an application to the Department. This deferral must then be endorsed by a General Meeting of the Department. During the course of this deferment, the individual is no longer considered a student and all his/her rights and privileges as a student are rescinded. Student status can be re-acquired with another application to the Department by the interested party.

3. Students have the right to use all the facilities and means with which the university is equipped in order to complete their education, in accordance with the regulations of the University and the Department as well as the decisions of the appropriate body responsible.

4. Given the conditions detailed below, students are entitled to:

  •       Free textbooks and/or other teaching aids
  •       Facilitation of their transportation (student tickets).
  •       Full medical, pharmaceutical and hospital coverage
  •       Free board
  •       Housing
  •       National Scholarships
  •       Loans

5. The above are also provided to students who transfer from universities abroad and within Greece, as well as to students who have graduated from universities abroad and are allowed to enter the program and begin in a specified term in accordance with a decision of the National Centre for Accreditation. For the graduates of Universities, Technical Education Institutes and so on who register following placement exams and for top students from the Technical Educational Institutes who register without taking exams, there is no provision for transportation, national scholarships, or loans..

6. Student Services are provided for eight terms from the time of a student’s initial registration at the university. This is the period of compulsory attendance. The period over which students receive services can be increased by four terms (half of the compulsory attendance period), provided that the student does not receive his/her degree before this overall period has expired. If student status was rescinded, it is not counted as part of this period. Some of the student service provisions still hold during military service (health coverage, board) and/or a serious illness (board). Student services terminate:

  •       Upon receipt of Degree.
  •       Upon the termination of the total period of 12 months from the date of initial registration of the student at the University.
  •       With any interruption of student status.

7. Upon his/her registration in the Department, the student receives the following which certify student status and his/her right to the some services:

  •       The Student Identity Card which certifies student status and initiation of studies.
  •      The Special Ticket Card (issued once a year) which allows the student to have a discount on tickets for the means of mass   transportation.
  •       The Student Health Booklet which gives the student access to free health coverage. This is renewed each year.
  •       The Cafeteria Card which gives the student access to free board.